Casey Peetz

Human Resources and Office Manager

Casey has been with the IHN since October 2014 and currently works as the Human Resources and Office Manager at the IHN headquarters on Market Street.  She graduated with a B.A. in Biological Sciences and Classical Humanities from the University of Missouri.  Casey offers logistical support to the Transitions of Care Task Force, the Community Sickle Cell Initiative, the Asthma Surge Committee, the Network Branding and Health Education Committee, the Network Community Academic Partnership committee, and the IHN grant-writing design team.  She is active in the community through participation in local events hosted by the Alpine Shop and as a volunteer for an outdoor education program through the Missouri Botanical Gardens. When asked why she is glad to be a part of the IHN, Casey states, “I’m glad to be working with such an amazing team committed to doing good and innovative work at many levels—all the way from serving patients directly to collaborating regionally with other organizations in order to address important healthcare needs.  It’s exciting to be part of such a committed, impassioned group that is focused on serving a population who truly needs our help.”