Figures at a Glance


The number of patients who have been encountered by IHN Referral Coordinators since the CRC program began in June 2007.


The average number of patients encountered by IHN Referral Coordinators per year since 2011. In 2013, 50% of encounters resulted in a referral.


The number of patients who IHN Referral Coordinators connected to a primary care home since 2008. 76% of those connections took place after 2011.

> 70%

The percentage of inpatient hospital admissions with a chronic disease that IHN Referral Coordinators helped to successfully connect with a medical home.


The percentage of patients who keep their appointments scheduled by IHN Referral Coordinators. This doubles the national average for referrals from Hospitals to Community Health Centers [20%].


The percent decline in hospital reimbursed medical care after connection to a primary care home by an IHN Referral Coordinator compared to a 4% decline among patients not connected to primary care according to an independent analysis of Medicaid claims data.


The number of primary care sites operated by the Community Health Center providers in the IHN Health Center Controlled Network. [BJK People's Health Centers; Crider Health Center; Family Care Health Centers; Grace Hill Health Centers Inc.; Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Centers; Saint Louis County Department of Health]

< 15%

The hospital readmission rate for patients encountered by IHN Referral Coordinators. Readmission rates for the patient population served range from 18% to 25% across the region.


The three zip codes most commonly served by the CRC program.