Mikel Whittier, MHA

 RE-LINK Program Manager

Mikel has been with the IHN since October 2016 and currently serves as the Re-Entry Community Linkages (RE-LINK) Program Manager. Prior to joining IHN, he served in various roles at Mercy Hospital St. Louis including as a Patient Benefit Advisor. In that role, he worked to educate and assist patients with strategies to alleviate financial burdens resulting from emergent and traumatic hospitalizations.

As RE-LINK Program Manager, he aims to provide a collaborative public and community health and wellness model to serve disadvantaged re-entrants discharged from jail to the community ages 17-26. This model is to improve coordination and linkages among criminal justice, public health, social service, and private entities to address health care and health care access of community re-entrants; reduce health disparities experienced by the reentry and justice-involved population; increase access to needed public health, behavioral health, health care coverage, and social services; and ultimately reduce the likelihood of returning to jail.

Additionally, he represents IHN on the Regional Health Commission’s Advisory Board. As an Advisory Board member, he provides feedback in regards to important regional health issues and participates in important planning that increases access to health care for people who are medically uninsured and underinsured in efforts to further reduce regional health disparities. He received his Masters in healthcare administration from the University of Missouri and is currently a doctoral candidate in healthcare administration at A.T. Still University.