Network Community Academic Partnership



The Integrated Health Network (IHN) and its member organizations are committed to promoting affordable, accessible, quality healthcare in the region through comprehensive patient-centered collaboration. Opportunities for partnership between IHN community health centers and academic institutions are increasing as funding opportunities require demonstrated collaboration with existing networks of community partners. These partnerships have the potential to encourage an evidence-based, regional approach to local health care delivery.

NCAP Goals

Short-term: Foster increased communication and collaboration between safety-net health providers and researchers on the basis of working toward a common goal.

Intermediate: Gather evidence and increase knowledge about ways to improve quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare for underserved populations.

Long-term: Implement strategies to measurably and sustainably improve population.


Criteria for partnerships

The IHN will consider opportunities to collaborate with academic partners on projects that reflect the mission and programming of the network and have the capacity to engage at least four of the member organizations of the IHN.  Academic representatives interested in partnering with the IHN should contact Jane Schaefer,