Outcomes and Performance Management


What is ETO?

The IHN provides Outcomes Management Consulting through utilization of the Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) platform. ETO is a secure, web-based software that assists healthcare organizations in tracking and managing data in order to improve outcomes. ETO is customizable to meet the organizational mission by quantifying impact and providing quality improvement efforts. IHN Management Services implement ETO, track effectiveness of the intended program,

improve reporting capacity, and demonstrate impact to funders, clients, and the community. Our outcomes and performance management strategies, in junction with the ETO data management system, can be used to transition from grant funding to financially sustainable programs and services


Why use Outcomes Management Consulting?

The IHN’s data-driven approach has been recognized as a best practice in population health and access to care by Healthy People 2020. The IHN currently uses ETO to manage outcomes for its Community Referral Coordinator program. ETO is a HIPAA compliant tool that helps CRCs to track patient outreach and follow-up efforts to improve patient show rates to primary care appointments.


Outcomes and Performance Management Consulting is recommended for social service organizations serving vulnerable populations, including non-profit safety net institutions, organizations serving patients of health centers or organizations serving patient populations with chronic disease.


Past and current clients include Behavioral Health Network, Youth and Family Center, and the student-run health clinics at Washington University and St. Louis University medical schools.


How is IHN’s Outcomes Management Consulting Implemented?

The Outcomes and Performance Management Consulting process begins with an organizational assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, the IHN will customize services to fit needs and capacity of the organizations. Services may include:


●     Implementation of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)

●     Performance management systems design

●     Change management strategies

●     Development of logic model or outcomes framework

●     Ongoing support, technical assistance, and troubleshooting




Core Services

Organizational Assessments

Ø  Review organizational and program processes

Ø  Collect feedback from key stakeholders, including organization leadership, program staff, funders, and program participants

Ø  Recommend process improvement and performance management strategies


Ø  Change management strategies

Ø  Performance management systems design

Ø  Workflow and process improvement modeling

Ø  Outcomes development

Ø  Logic model development and development of an outcomes framework

Ø  Research and recommend best practices evaluation tools and survey instruments

Ø  Evaluation and survey design

Implementation of ETO Software

Ø  Develop scope of work and implementation plan to roll out ETO

Ø  Assess current workflow, data collection, and metrics

Ø  Design ETO “Blueprint” to map collection of data into ETO

Ø  Operationalize and align ETO with staff workflow

Ø  Orient and train staff to use ETO

ETO Site Administration

Ø  Ongoing support to organizations in using the ETO software

Ø  Technical assistance and troubleshooting

Ø  Data migration

Ø  Customized reporting